Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art Class!

This semester, the three oldest kids have been taking an art class.  A real art class, where you learn about different art techniques by trying them out.  They have been enjoying it.  These pictures are from early February, when we had a St. Valentine's party after class.  We had it early to avoid Lent.

Busy working in art class.

The age range is 6 to about 16!  The teacher handles them all with ease.
Okay, Mom, when does this party start?

Anthony kept wanting me to take his picture, so I did.

One way to amuse a toddler while waiting on big brother and sisters.

Joseph drew some pictures.

Finally it was time for the party!

Each kid had decorated a sack or box to hold their valentines.  Siblings got to participate as well.

Oh, they had so much fun putting in valentines and then opening up their sacks to see what they got!

Can't have a St. Valentine's party without treats!

Eating the good stuff!

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