Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pictures From Christmas Eve 2012

German Sour Potatoes and Homemade Bread by candlelight has become our Christmas Eve tradition.  Dan read the Christmas account from the Bible while we ate.
It was very cold over Christmas, so a roaring fire was just the thing!
Mommy with the kids


Joseph tested out his new bow and arrows.

Catherine got ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. which is a really fun and easy to play math game.

Mommy and the kids hid so St. Nick could bring a special present.

What could be in that bag?

A new workbench with tools for Anthony!

Anne got a unicorn happy napper, which she was very excited about.

Dominic got his longed for K'nex Firestorm Freefall Coaster, which he could rattle off like the kid in A Christmas Story.

The girls gave presents that they had made to everyone.  Daddy got a coaster and a decade rosary from Anne.

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