Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas Tree 2012

Since our favorite pick-out-and-cut-down-your-own-Christmas-tree farm was no longer offering that experience, we chose to get a tree at our church's Christmas tree lot this year.  I really liked the shape and look of the tree we got.  After Dan set it up, I put the lights on, and then let the kids hang most of the ornaments.  I helped at the top of the tree, and I made sure any special breakable ones got placed toward the top.

The girls had on the same outfit, but I think this was Catherine.

Which ornament shall I hang next?

Anthony loved to hang up ornaments.  He managed to break 3-4 during the whole time we had the tree up. 

I got out the step stool, so we wouldn't have all the ornaments on the bottom of the tree.  Of course, that led to some jumping exhibitions. 

Joseph's turn.

Adding a few homemade ornaments.

The finished tree!

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