Friday, March 22, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

On Christmas morning, we went to Mass.  As you can see, it was still very cold out.

After Mass, we went up to the front so the kids could see the Nativity with Baby Jesus.

It's always a bit of a trick to get a good picture of all the kids at the same time.

Sometimes you just take what you can get!

On the way out, we stopped to see the Three Kings.

Toasting with the "kid wine," a.k.a. sparkling grape juice.

Lighting the candles.
I think we're ready to eat our ham and scalloped potatoes dinner!

Dessert was cherry pie.

After dinner, clean-up, and some rest time, the girls got busy with their new Lego set.

Dominic and Daddy worked on building his roller coaster.

The next morning they finished it!

Below is a video of Dominic and his roller coaster:

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