Monday, March 18, 2013

Anthony Is Three!

Saturday was Anthony's third birthday, and we celebrated all day!

Anthony opened his first present after a breakfast of Pop Tarts!

He got to choose the Saturday morning cartoons, then play outside, and then choose lunch, which was hotdogs and pasta with butter.  He loves anything noodles!
After lunch, he opened up some new Play-Doh tools.

And immediately got to work.

The blue and yellow colors were quickly turned to green.

 I don't know how he got so messy with Play-Doh, but I had to change all of his clothes when he was done.  We decided to eat out for his birthday dinner, and he chose Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A fun family dinner.

I'm having a great day!
 When we got back home, Anthony got to open his last present, and it was his favorite one:
Look at that grin!

Hulk fists are on!
I'm ready to fight!  (They don't hurt, by the way.)

They match his Hulk mask, which he got for Christmas.

If that wasn't enough excitement for the day, then he got to eat his birthday cake:
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, decorated with gum drops and hot wheels!

He liked it.

And the whole family dug in.

What a great day Anthony had for his third birthday!

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