Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Years Old!

It is hard to believe, but Anthony is 2 years old today!  What a wild and delightful ride it has been so far!

Anthony likes to help in the kitchen.

Maybe a little too much sometimes!

And if left to his own devices, as he was for just a couple of minutes when I went to my room to get something, things like this can happen.

He is very active, loves to play outside, and has no fear when it comes to jumping off things nearly as high as himself.

He loves playing with his big brothers and sisters, unless he's mad at one of them, then watch out!

He loves, loves, loves to be outside with Daddy.

Anthony is talking more these days and he calls himself "Ant-nee." 

Within the past couple of months, Anthony has developed an interest in books and puzzles, and his attention span has greatly improved.  Which means that school time has gotten easier.  Of course, he also has developed an interest in markers, crayons, and pens, and writing on things, not always to our liking.  So when it gets too quiet around here, there is suddenly a moment of panic, and a "Where's Anthony?!"  He also likes to build things with the boys and has gotten good at putting Trios together.  And when they get out their superhero capes, he is right in there with them. 

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Anthony!

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