Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bigger Winter Project

Dan built some more shelves, even bigger than the ones in the girls' room.

Then the boys' room got a fresh coat of paint, 3 walls green, 1 wall blue.

Then one day when all was ready, Dan loaded up the shelves to bring them to the house.

I helped carry them in and thank goodness, we did not have to go downstairs!

The kids tested out how high they could reach.

Anthony shows off the shelves, which now house all of the boys' toys, except for one big flat tub under the bed for Trios.  

Oh, the boys' room looks so much better.  Even when it gets messy, it is so much easier for them to pick it up because there is a place for everything and they know where things go.  No more piles of stuff kicked into a corner of the room!

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