Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sauerkraut Making: Part One

To make sauerkraut, you first need lots of cabbages.  Does this look like a lot?  It's not all of them.  Dan planted 80 cabbages this year, which was a first for the Brungardt garden! 

One night the whole family went to pick some cabbages.  Daddy found some big ones and passed them to the kids, who brought them to the wagon.

Here's Dominic, taking his job seriously.

Anthony thought it was his job to get in the wagon with the cabbages and inspect each one.

Anne counts.  Seven so far, bring some more!

Okay, I think 20 cabbages should do it.

Daddy and the kids with their cabbage haul.

Say cabbage!

Then it was time to gather all the outer leaves to take them to the compost pile.  For some reason Anthony always has to get in whatever it is we are using, in this case the wheelbarrow.

The girls thought they looked like big flowers.  Catherine poses with her "bouquet."

Joseph shows off his Superman powers!

Stayed tuned for Sauerkraut Making: Part Two!

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