Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

For the last two weeks, I have been taking the kids to their swimming lessons.  We opted for the Monday through Thursday, 10:30 am lessons, which seemed to work fairly well.  Except that it seemed to eat up a lot of the day. :)
Look at those smiles!  This was just before we left for their first swimming lesson.

The kids had not really even been in a pool other than a backyard wading pool for almost 2 years.

Catherine and her swimming instructor.

 None of the kids had ever taken swimming lessons before.

Catherine, contemplating what she gets to do next in the pool.  

Catherine was in the Youth Swim classes, for age 6 and up. She really tried hard and loved it a lot.

Dominic was in a class with five girls! 

   Dominic, Anne, and Joseph were all in the Kinderswim, for ages 3-5. However, they were each in a different group, which worked out fine.

Dominic's teacher looks a little pained.  Did he splash her too much?  :)
Dominic did well and gets to move up a level next time.

Anne patiently waits for her turn to get in.

Anne was a little more timid, but she tried hard and made good progress.

Anne blowing bubbles in the water.

 I wasn't sure at all how Joseph would do, being newly turned 4 and without his brothers or sisters.

Joseph and his cute little class.

I needn't have worried, though, because he did great and got complimented on his nice manners and good listening skills!

I know this is fuzzy, but you can still see that big, happy smile on Joseph's face.

They are a bit sad that their lessons are over, and quite anxious to get back to the pool to practice what they have learned.

They each got to learn how to put on a life-jacket and climb in and out of a boat.  Catherine is to the left in the boat and in the back of the picture you can see Joseph on the side of the pool.

And what about Anthony, you ask?  He and Mommy got to hang out during the 45 minute lesson, and usually we sat on the other side of the glass, watching the kids.

Anthony ate a lot of snacks!

Twice I took Anthony outside to the water park to play during Toddler Time, which coincided with lesson time.  He loved it, but I did not dare to even attempt to take pictures of that. :)

So to summarize:  swimming lessons were a resounding success!


Kansas Mom said...

Oh, yes, you need at least two adults to take a picture of one toddler in the pool -- and a third adult if there are any other kids to watch! Too bad, because they are so cute!

House of Brungardt said...

He almost fell headfirst into the pool at one point. I barely caught him. And that was with me watching closely right next to him!