Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Is 15 Months Old!

In the past month, Anthony has learned to climb onto our tall chairs, and get things off the counters, or turn the lights off and on.

He has also learned how to climb on the table, and I can no longer leave anything on it, or even set the table for a meal until right when we are ready to eat.

This is his form of protest when somebody takes something away from him or he gets mad about something.

He rides the tricycle Fred Flinstone style.

He still loves Cloudy, the cat.

The cat still likes him.

He likes to "play baseball" just like the big kids.  Watch out for that bat, though!

Anthony likes the backyard swimming pool...

...but only for a little while.  He'd much rather be out with Daddy...

...and the lawn mower.

Joseph and Anthony are already either friends, or enemies.

Anthony was excited to get his own popsicle.

One day the kids left their school/art boxes on the table and when Anthony got up from his nap, he took full advantage.  I didn't stop him and the kids were horrified when they came upstairs.  Needless to say, they keep their things put away better now.

Here's a scary picture for you:  Anthony with a pair of scissors!  (I did take those away from him after I took the picture.)

Anthony out in the garden.  He loves to go up and down the rows of onions and everything else out there.


Kansas Mom said...

He is so adorable! I just love thinking of all the fun he and Second Son are going to have.

I'm only a little afraid. ;-)

House of Brungardt said...

Oh, they will love to play together. Hopefully NOT cause too much trouble together! :)