Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Around The Mulberry Bush...

...the children picked some mulberries.
 Well, really they are mulberry trees.  One day a week or two ago, I remembered the mulberry tree that we found last year down by the dry creek bed in our woodsy area.  So I called to the children and off we went to see if there were any ripe mulberries.  Much to our surprise we found more mulberry trees with ripe berries along the creek bed.  So we began to pick.

Here is our loot from that first picking.  At least, this is what actually made it into their buckets.  After I took this picture, we had a mulberry party and ate them all up.

We have picked the mulberries several times now, and each time we find more trees.  There must be about 15 mulberry trees, I guess.  We have also discovered that some of them are white mulberry trees.  I just thought those trees weren't ready as fast as the others, but no, the mulberries are actually white when they are ripe.

The price of picking mulberries:  purple fingers!  Small price to pay, though.

 Before last weekend, we had just eaten them by themselves.  Then I found a recipe for Mulberry Rhubarb Pie and last Saturday we managed to pick enough to make it.  I picked the rhubarb out of our garden, so it was a homegrown pie!

Joseph with the mulberry and diced rhubarb mixture, ready to go into the homemade pie shell.

The pie is ready to be baked.

All done!

I barely managed to snap a picture of the cut side of the pie to show the lovely color.  It tasted as good as it looked!  Sweet mulberry and tart rhubarb make a good combination.
Find the recipe I used here.


Kansas Mom said...

Wonderful! I read recently that mulberries are easier to collect if you spread a blanket under the tree and then shake the branches. They fall right onto the blanket.

House of Brungardt said...

That's a good idea, though I don't think we could get the blanket flat enough. There are a lot of tall grasses and weeds and the creek bed, too. Unless I had the kids hold the blanket. Hmmm.