Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures From Catherine's Birthday

Here is Catherine's Princess Castle birthday cake. I actually checked the cake pan out at the library. Isn't that neat? They have a whole rack full of cake pans that people have donated. The birthday girl loves her crazy candles:
Now the birthday girl gets a little crazy herself:
On Thanksgiving evening, Dan's brother (Catherine's godfather) and his family stopped by and brought Catherine a big package. What could be inside?
Oh, it must be something girlie, look at all the little girls gathered around!
Wow, Cinderella riding in a carriage drawn by a white horse! It plays music and the part Cinderella sits in spins around.
Later, Catherine opened her presents from us and she was very excited to get a yo-yo of her very own.
Catherine sure had a special birthday, starting on Wed. getting a package from her godmother and cards in the mail to her actual birthday on Thanksgiving, to another birthday party on Sat. with a cousin who is exactly one year older than Catherine, to my parents stopping by on Sunday on their way back from Dallas. What fun and excitement!

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