Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our First Snow (That Stuck!) at Our New House

On Monday we had temperatures up to 66 degrees and then on Tuesday we had this:Everyone knows you have to eat the snow to really know what it's like!
Okay, all moms with little ones know the scene. You spend many lllloooonnnggg minutes searching out all of the snowpants, boots, mittens, coats, hats, and then just as many minutes wrestling the kids into all of the aforementioned items. (At least this time, I remembered to have them all use the bathroom before this process!) Then finally, everyone is ready to go out and you send them out the door. By the time I got my winter things on and got outside, I was greeted with this:
Poor little guy, I think he enjoyed the snow for about 5 minutes. Until his little mittens came off and his hands got really cold. So Mommy carried him around for a little while and we watched Catherine gleefully making snow angels:
Then Anne tried and she did it!
The three older kids had a lot of fun in the snow. Good thing, because it is now mostly gone.

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