Friday, December 5, 2008

More Pictures From Thanksgiving

Any one for a little fried turkey? Dan's mom and brother came Thanksgiving morning, as well as my brother, the priest. My sister and her husband welcomed a new baby boy, Matthew George, into their family the day before Thanksgiving (congrats!), so my parents cancelled their Thanksgiving dinner and went to Dallas. So we got to have my brother come to our house.

After the big feast and naps all around, it was time for a ride in the pull-behind and a walk around the place. I won't tell you whether Uncle Joe and Fr. Brian got a ride, too. It is rated up to 1000 pounds. :) This was my brother's first time to see our place, so he got the full tour.
Back inside, we prepared for a blessing of our house:
Fr. Brian blessed our house (with an extra sprinkling of holy water on the kids, heh, heh) while we all walked along.
Blessing the basement:

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