Friday, December 12, 2008

I've Been Saving The Environment. Who Knew?

Okay, everyone. I have been saving the environment and I didn't even know it!

According to Dr. Julia Edwards of the IMRG Online Green Awards 2008 online shopping can have 27 times less of a negative impact on the environment.
“The carbon emission of each item bought online and delivered to the customer is 132 grams of CO2. A staggering 27 items need to be bought on a dedicated car journey to the shops to achieve the same level of efficiency.”

Yeah, that's right. I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping online this year. Let's look at the facts. I have 4 small children and I can't take them Christmas shopping with me anymore. "What's that, Mommy?" "Oh, nothing." Nope, doesn't work anymore. Next option: I shop at night after they go to bed. Nah, we're too far out to make that very effective. Third choice: I shop on the weekends while Dan stays home with the kids. This doesn't work very well either as weekends are our family time and besides, who likes fighting all those crowds?

Now, imagine this scenario. I'm sitting at home in front of the computer, the kids are napping, I've got easy access to a can of pop, a snack, and the bathroom. I'm leisurely perusing this website and that, and with a few clicks, I've ordered my Christmas gifts and they'll be delivered to my front door. The best part is, this time of year, you can get free shipping on almost anything and sometimes you can combine that with a code for % off. And sometimes no tax, either!

Now, if you have been procrastinating on your Christmas shopping and you want to get in on this online action, don't fret! You still have a golden opportunity to score online shopping with free shipping from various stores on December 18 with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. There is a website called Free Shipping Day with the details and a list of participating stores.

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