Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trip to Texas, Day 2: The Alamo and the Riverwalk

After breakfast at the hotel, we were ready to go.

No idea what this building is, but it looks neat.

Walking at street level today.

Here we are, at the side of...

...the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo! (Which was first a Catholic Mission)

You could not take pictures inside, so here we are at the back exit.

There were cannons out in the courtyard.

A very old tree!

What was so interesting here?

Tiny snails!

Heading back down to the Riverwalk,...

...we walked until we found...

...a restaurant we wanted to try.

We sat inside as it was raining off and on, but we could still see the boats going by on the river.

Paesanos Ristorante had some delicious Italian food.

After that filling lunch, we strolled back to the hotel.

Catherine atop the bridge.

Taking a break.

Going up to cross the river again.

And back down on the other side.

To be continued...

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