Monday, November 23, 2015

The Twins Turn Double Digits

In early August, Dominic and Anne turned 10!  It's hard to believe our little twins are in the 5th grade.
Dominic chose to go to Jurassic World with Daddy as his birthday treat.

With popcorn!

On the morning of his birthday, Dominic helped decorate his cupcakes.

Anne got the horse trailer she wanted.

Time for target practice.

Happy 10, Dominic and Anne!

Anne got to get ice cream with Daddy.

She took Catherine along.

After a stop at the bookstore, they went to ride go-carts.

On your marks...


Maze ball.

His most wanted gift: a Rubik's Cube.

Present from Anne.

Reading an awesome homemade card.

Catherine made Anne a little bat.

Another cool card.

Dominic and his super yummy cupcakes.

Anne with her horse cake.

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