Monday, February 23, 2015

Zoo in October

Kids with chimp

Orangutan was interested in the kids.

Have to take pics with statues!

We watched the little orangutan climb.

Who's watching whom?


Flamingo close-up.

The kids all brought quarters so they could buy fish food.

Look at all those fish!

A pelican, a new addition to the penguin exhibit.

We can never skip the super-poisonous snakes hallway.  Here is the Black Mamba.

Grizzly looking all cuddly.

Pronghorn deer.

Mexican wolf.

The kids and their friends covering the tiger statue.

Meerkats, cute as always.

Girls on lion.

We saw Aslan!

If you look at the Oryx from the side, it looks like a unicorn, according to the girls.

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