Monday, February 9, 2015

Trip to St. Louis 2014, Day 1 and 2

Last October, we took a trip to St. Louis to visit Dan's sister, Sr. Mary Elizabeth.  She is a cloistered nun in the Passionist convent located in Ellisville, a St. Louis suburb.

On the road in our rental van!

We stopped for a picnic lunch.

Boys burned off some energy.

 We got to our hotel in the late afternoon.  We stayed at the Drury Plaza Hotel, which is a great, family-owned chain of hotels.  When we checked in, they even gave us a discount on our room rate!  Our stay included an excellent hot breakfast, free popcorn and drinks all evening, and even a simple dinner were able to do twice.  We went swimming in the hotel pool every evening. 

The next day was our day to visit Sr. Mary Elizabeth, so after breakfast, we headed over to her convent. We had not been able to visit her since 2011, so everyone was excited to finally get there.  We really enjoyed our time with her.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth checked out Dominic's scar from when he got stitches in his forehead.

Joseph and I took a walk around the grounds.

In front of the convent.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth and Joseph

Catherine helped tell all the news.

The kids with Sr. Mary Elizabeth.

Dan and his sister.


Kansas Mom said...

Such a nice trip! Did you all stay in the same hotel room? I feel like so many hotels allow only five people in a room I don't even want to try to take the kids to a hotel.

House of Brungardt said...

They never let us stay in one hotel room anymore, so we had adjoining hotel rooms, which worked well. When we went to Branson the year before, we had a suite that had 2 bedrooms off of a living room with foldout couch, as well as a small kitchen and eating area. That was really nice!

Kansas Mom said...

Do you have trouble getting them adjoining rooms? When we went to Kalamazoo, we were supposed to be adjoining with my parents but ended up assigned far away then had to argue with them about it. In the end it worked out, but the whole experience was really annoying. Your suite in Branson sounds wonderful!

House of Brungardt said...

That would be very annoying! So far, we have not had trouble with adjoining rooms, though they always tell us they can't guarantee them. I always emphasize how we have many small children, and at the Drury, at least, I made the reservation directly with the hotel, not a call center. Maybe we've just gotten lucky. :)