Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Zoo Class

In early May, we went to the zoo one morning for a homeschool zoo class.  There were about 20 kids in the class and the moms sat in also.  All five of our kids were able to be in it.  Some of the class was inside, then we took a field trip behind the scenes at the zoo, then back to the classroom.  The kids really enjoyed it and were not shy about answering or asking questions. 

Field trip to see the bees.  The kids could see actual pollen stuck to the bees coming in.  We also went outside this building and could see where the bees went in and out.

A little playtime before heading back to the classroom. 

Back inside, the kids got to plant three kinds of seeds, all of which were pollinator attractors.

After the class, we spent a few more hours walking around the zoo.  It was a hot day for May (high in the low 90s!).
Anthony showed off his "prize" from class, an elephant, by the elephant pen.

They climbed on the lions.

A very short little video of one of the gorillas putting on a show.  It was really funny:

We watched the okapi take a drink.

We finally got to see the baby tigers, who were 10 months old at the time.

Playing with Momma.

Happy Anne.
Some kind of big lizard, we can't remember what.

Geese with their little goslings.

Maybe we need some of this kind of chickens!

Baby animals were everywhere in the petting zoo!

The kids were thrilled to go pet the lambs.

They were rather cute.
The camels, however, were seen from afar.
There were brushes in with the goats, so we spent a long time in there.

Anthony loved it and did not want to leave!

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