Sunday, July 20, 2014

Later in May

One Saturday, I gave everyone a haircut.  While using the razor on the boys for their short summer haircuts, I decided to have some fun.
Too funny!

Almost got the monk look.

This one really cracks me up!

Anne checked out her big pile of hair.

Catherine with her shorter hair.

Anne modeled her haircut.

A cool tree on the west side of our house:
The twin tree.

A harvest of radishes:
Oops, someone is trying to swipe one.

Joseph with the haul.

Dan made a ramp for the kids to use with their bicycles.  No ER trips were made as a result.
Go, Dominic!

I took some pictures of our grotto with the roses and irises in bloom.
Beautiful flowers to enhance the beauty of the grotto.

Joseph at the grotto.

At the very end of school, Catherine made a representation of the State of Kansas out of rice crispy treats and all kinds of candy and toys.  All the kids really enjoyed this project!
Catherine put on the finishing touches.

Catherine showed off her final project.

She practiced her state presentation, which she later gave to Daddy.  After that, we ate Kansas!

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