Thursday, July 10, 2014

Early May Photos

Kids enjoyed Braums Book Buddies treats!


Not sure what this look means.

The boys got a last day with their friend, Dothan.  He came over to our house for the day while the moving van company was packing up his house.  Joseph, especially, was sad to see his friend leave.
Snack break with a look at a rock collection.

Superheroes on the loose!

With a bunch of boys, the couch cushions in the basement are rarely on the couch.

Pause for a picture.

All four of them in one spot!

The next day, we had some rain and got to see this beautiful double rainbow:

One day I found a recipe for Pizza Breadsticks and made them:
Oh, were they yummy!

 Anthony made this castle all by himself:
He was very proud and would not let anyone knock it down for a couple of days.

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