Thursday, October 24, 2013

Garden in August

In early August, we had a sauerkraut-making day:
Tons of shredded cabbage...

...go into the crock for fermentation.

I slogged through mud in early August to pick the cantaloupe and watermelon.  The watermelon got washed off before this picture:
A full load.

These made our dining room table and chairs look small.

Watermelon Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Another big load three days later:
The cantaloupe were hit-and-miss this year, some really good, some really bad.

Only two days later:
Getting ridiculous!

The watermelon that got cut right out of the garden.

Okay, so this was posed.   :)

This was not.

The older three were enjoying their watermelon...

...while the younger two...

... just made faces for the camera.

Some of that watermelon made it into the house.

Beet jelly that I made in the middle of August.

And finally, pickled okra at the end of August.

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