Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Weird Summer, Weather-Wise

The second half of July and the first half of August were very rainy this year, which is very unusual, as normally that time of year is hot and dry, and all the vegetation turns brown.  At one point we had 5 inches of rain in 2 days!  The following pictures were taken on August 4th.  Everything looks so green!

On the plus side, we didn't have to water the garden.

On the minus side, most plants do not like to sit in water for very long.

As you can see, one side of our garden was more affected than the other.

To the kids, it was a puddle playground.

Especially Anthony.



It quickly turned...

...into a...

...biggest splash contest.

Dominic just might be the winner.

One of the problems during early August was that it was raining almost every day, so the garden did not have time to dry out in between.  Finally, I bit the bullet and went into the garden to get produce, mud or no mud.  These pics were from Aug. 8th.
Did I mention there was still standing water in the garden?

I was up to my ankles in watery mud.  I quickly ditched the boots and went barefoot, because I  just couldn't move in the boots without getting stuck.

Anthony thought it was great fun to "help" Mommy pick the garden in all the mud.

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