Sunday, October 20, 2013

Field Trip to Exploration Place

We went on a field trip on the second day of school back in August.  When you homeschool, you can do things like that.  :)  The kids had earned free passes to a children's science museum during the summer reading program at our library, and we waited to go until all the other kids were back in school, heh, heh. We met up with cousins at the museum.
Greeted by a moving, roaring T-Rex outside the museum.

Yes, boys, you really need to learn about germs.

Catherine checked out the giant mouth.

We went through the travelling dinosaur exhibit.

Many of the dinosaurs moved and made noise.

They got to dig for bones.

A herd of dinosaurs.

The little ones were fascinated by fossilized poop.

The kids enjoyed the dinosaurs.

Then we got to the room with a lot of structures built only out of planks, with no nails or glue to hold them together.

Many of them were quite intricate.  I was afraid to let Anthony near, despite the barriers.

Time to build!

Girls hard at work.

Aloysius and Joseph concentrating hard.


Below is a very short video of the tower collapsing:

To Be Continued...

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