Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Twins Are Eight!

 Since today is Dominic and Anne's Baptism Day, it is only fitting that I finally write about their 8th birthday, which occurred a week and a half ago.  They had a great couple days of birthday celebration!

Twins forever!

A present apiece after breakfast!

Littlest brother found a good use for wrapping paper.

After lunch, Dan took the twins to a movie, with popcorn and pop!  What excitement!  They got to see Smurfs 2.  For dinner they chose Shrimp Kebabs and Shrimp Cocktail.  Mmm! Then, it was time for the main present action.
Anne with her Fun Foals Gift Set.

A new camera!

A camera for Anne, too!

Dom watched Anne.

Anne watched Dom.

All the kids watched Anne as she opened her final gift...

Jasmine, the pony, just what she always wanted!

And the Dominic finale.

You can see he was very excited.

His Rippin' Rocket 2 Coaster!

 After a while, it was time for cakes times two:
Dominic and his Darth Vader cake.  All chocolate.

Anne requested a My Little Ponies cake.
The next day, the twins got to choose where we'd eat out for dinner.  They chose the Burger King with the playground, of course!
Happy girls!  Anthony was mad because I didn't give him any pop.

Dominic up high.

Anne and Dominic, 8 years old!

I really like this picture.

 By the following day, I think, Dominic had managed to put together his entire roller coaster by himself, even though the box said age 9+.  He was proud of that fact.  
The boys sat and watched the roller coaster car zoom around for a long time. 

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