Friday, August 23, 2013

More June Pictures

In late June, we picked all the cherries off our cherry tree.  Last year we got one cup of cherries.  This year we got enough to make a cherry pie!
Cherries were pitted and ready to go!

The pie with a cherry on top.

I barely managed to get a picture of a piece of pie before we ate it all.  It was yummy!

Catherine used her little patty pan to make a tiny apple pie with the leftover pie dough.

We went to Lego Club at our library at the end of June.  I can't remember what the theme was, but the kids sure had fun.  
Joseph and a new friend, with their creation.

Dominic with his Lego build.

Do you see a kid near the top of the tree?
It's Joseph!

We had a wild storm roll through one evening and this is what it left behind:

Our tomato plants had a lot of green tomatoes on them, so one day I made some green tomato salsa: 
It was tasty.

Then, on June 28, the girls came excitedly rushing into the house:
They were so proud!

Our very first eggs!

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