Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family Get-Together

On the very last weekend in June, we travelled to the Kansas City area to visit my family.  All of my siblings and their families came at some point over the weekend.  Father Brian, who is currently a chaplain in the Air Force, was shortly going to be deployed to the Middle East, so it was nice for all of us to be together before he left.

We got to my parents' house on Saturday morning.  My sister, Heidi, and her family from Texas were already there.
Cousins eating lunch on the front porch.

Andrew and Matthew.

Playing games in the backyard.

Who's going to catch the ball?

Anne on the new horse swing.

Catherine and Anthony.

Hold on!

My sister and her youngest.

Anthony liked the six-toed cat.

Anne see-sawed with Grandma.

After dinner, it was time to make s'mores.

First we had to get everything ready.

Boys and fire.  Kind of scary.

To be continued...

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