Monday, July 22, 2013

Trip to Victoria - The Sternberg Museum of Natural History

In mid-June, we went for a weekend visit to Victoria, KS.  On Saturday afternoon, Dan's brother, Chuck, took us to the Sternberg Museum in Hays.  We spent several enjoyable hours there.

Starting our self-guided tour.

We watched a "man" unearthing a new fossil.

The famous "fish-within-a-fish" fossil.

Anne loved looking at a depiction of the evolution of the horse.

The next three pictures and video were from a temporary exhibit of prehistoric mammals, all of which were animated.  It was really neat.
Wooly mammoth.

Sabertooth cat attacking a giant sloth.

Ancient apes.

Then it was on to the top floor of dinosaurs!
The building is dome-shaped, so it made a nice effect on this top floor.

Approaching the T-rex.  Anthony jumped back a ways when it started moving.

It was huge!

Uncle Chuck and the kids.

Catherine, Anne, and Anthony.

The T-rex in motion:

Catherine, Anne, and Dominic.

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