Friday, July 12, 2013

Fishing On Our Pond

There is a pond between our property and our neighbor's, but before now, we have not really done anything with it, other than walk by it, and tell the kids to stay away from it.  There were so many trees and brush on our side of the pond, that it would have been rather difficult for one of them to get very close to it.  However, that has changed.  In the early part of June, Dan cut down a few trees to make an opening to the pond, so he could take the kids fishing.  This first time of fishing was for showing the kids how to cast the line into the water.  And teaching them safety, like "don't stand right behind the person casting, or you might get a hook in your eye."  No fish were caught this first time fishing. 

Joseph took a turn.

Daddy helped Joseph, while Dominic shimmied up the tree, and Catherine looked on.

Joseph, with his "catch."

Catherine took a turn.

Anthony played with Biscuit. 

The kids enjoyed their time down by the pond, fishing with Daddy.

Funny face!

Then Daddy helped Anthony cast the fishing line into the pond. 

Anne waited patiently for her turn.

It was a nice night for fishing!

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