Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garden in Early June

In the first half of June, we harvested some turnips.  This was our first time growing them.  We ate them raw, cooked, grilled, in stir-fries, grated into pasta salad.  Most of the kids liked them.  They will try anything that comes out of our garden!

The boys cut the tops off of the turnips.

Anthony got a big one!

Washing off the dirt.

A few of our turnips.

We got lots of snow peas this year.  We ate them in everything!  So yummy.  
Steamed snow peas.

We have a little mint growing in one of the raised beds, but one day my friend gave me a sack full of mint, so I used it to make mint syrup (good in iced tea and mint juleps) and mint jelly (which never jelled, so it has turned into a topping for pancakes or ice cream).

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