Monday, February 4, 2013

To The Zoo Again!

At the end of October, we renewed our zoo membership, after it had been lapsed for about 5 months.  So the kids were extra excited to go.  As you can see, it was a warm day for October.
Since Anthony was still in his cast, I got him to ride in the stroller a lot.

Walking on the trail.

Measuring up to wingspans.  I think Catherine stretched to a Spoonbill.
We checked out the rhinoceros.
This is always a favorite spot to stop and play.
That cast looks like a weapon!
Anne and Anthony looked at the gorilla and he looked right back.

"See, I broke my arm and I have to wear this stupid cast."
One of the tigers kept pacing alongside the window right next to the kids.  The tiger is so huge!

 So I took a video:
Then we watched a zookeeper bring food to the bald eagles.  Clumps of some kind of meat and a large dead rat, yum.

When we got to the grizzly bears exhibit, we found one of them splashing around in the water.  We sat and watched him for quite a while and I took a bunch of pictures.

All of a sudden the bear leaped out of the water and slapped his paws on the glass right in front of Dominic!  You can see Dom was a bit startled.  (Me too!)

Going through the jungle.
Chinese alligator

The penguins put on quite a show for us.  We watched them for a long time.

 This was our longest trip to the zoo ever, I think about 5 hours.  Probably because we hadn't been in there in a while.  I told Anthony that day that we would come back when he got his cast off, since he didn't get to play on the playground.

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