Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Cookout At The New Campsite

In late October/early November, Dan decided to create a fire pit and campsite area.  It is not far from the clubhouse and near to the racecourse.  First Dan dug up the dirt:

Then the kids helped carry out the big dirt clods:

Even Anthony helped:

Kids love to get in the dirt!

Here is the finished fire pit, lined with rocks:
Time to put up the tents!

Hanging out in the tent.

The finished campsite:

So we invited some friends over for a cookout.  We did not, however, actually camp out.  We'll save that for the spring!

The girls played on the big tire.

Roasting hotdogs.

Dig in!
All the kids chowing down

No campfire is complete without roasting marshmallows!

While we were all enjoying the food and company, Dan sneaked off and put on his scary mask and tried to scare the kids.  None of them fell for it, though.  They all just laughed and tried to get him.  Then Anthony put it on, which looked really funny:

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