Friday, February 8, 2013

The Broken Arm

You don't often have a 2 year old with a broken arm (thank goodness!), so I have to do one more post about Anthony and his broken arm.  It was difficult to keep his cast dry and (mostly) clean.  This is one thing I did so he could still play in the sandbox:
Bread sack with rubber band at the top worked well.

Anthony was spoiled by his big sisters.

He got worse about taking naps, so some days I would find him like this.

Anthony and his "Hulk" arm.

Hooray, the cast is off!  Mommy and Anthony celebrated with chicken nuggets and pop.

His cast was on for a total of 4 weeks.  Did I say four loooonnng weeks?  We were all so glad when it was done.  I was also glad that the weather did not get too cold because it was hard to find any long sleeved shirts that would fit over the cast.  We were also grateful the fracture was a simple one, because it could have been so much worse.  Hopefully we will not have any more broken bones around here anytime soon!

Anthony was so brave getting the cast on and off.  Even when the nurse started sawing on his cast, he didn't even flinch.  She was impressed and said he did better than the 10 year old down the hall!  She did ask me if I wanted to keep the super-stinky cast.  I refused.  Pictures are more than enough!

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