Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tons Of Tomatoes

We have been getting so many tomatoes, we can't really even keep up with them anymore.  One Saturday a few weeks ago, we washed...

...and cored...

...50 pounds of tomatoes!

Some onions from our garden got chopped up and put into...

...the big lobster pot, as well as the tomatoes, and some seasoning.  Actually we had to do this step twice, as all of the tomatoes couldn't fit in the pot at one time.

The tomato mixture was simmered for 20-30 minutes.

Then we pureed it all in the food processor and strained it.

All of the strained mixture fit into the lobster pot.  Barely.

Then we cooked it down for hours.  When the tomato sauce was thick enough, we ladled it into jars and canned it.  We ended up with 12 quarts of seasoned tomato sauce. 

That will taste delicious in the winter!

I've also got 32 quarts of tomatoes in the freezer and we've canned 16 pints of salsa.  And my kitchen is still overflowing with tomatoes!

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