Monday, August 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

In the second half of July, the four big kids took swimming lessons for two weeks.  They loved it.  On four of the eight days, I was able to take Anthony outside for Toddler Time at the outdoor pool.  He loved playing on and around the play structure.  Since it was just him, I didn't make him wear a life jacket, and boy, I had to keep my eyes on him! 

Loaded up and ready to go swim!

Anthony got to hang out with Mommy and eat snacks.

Joseph's class.  He had on the green swimming trunks.

Anne and a little friend.

Dominic gave a wave.

Catherine, as well as Dominic, had lessons in the lap pool.

Catherine worked on her backstroke.

This was the day that Anthony refused to wear a shirt.  And got to eat candy.  It was the last day, what can I say?

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