Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joseph's Creation

One day, Joseph spent a long time building this Play-Doh creation.   I finally got him to put it away after I took pictures.  The orange thing to the right is a volcano and the red is the lava, of course.  The other is the land around and a lake at the bottom of the flow. 

A funny story about Joseph:  Probably close to a month ago now, he made up a game.  He took two decks of cards and hid about half of each one all over the main floor of our house.  Then Dominic was supposed to find them all.  He found some, but for a long time, I kept finding cards in the oddest places.  There was a card in about half of my dresser drawers.  There were cards between the books in a stack on my nightstand.  I would pick something up off my dresser or the floor and there would be a card.  Cards on the closet floors.  Cards in the bathroom cabinets.  I wonder if we will ever find all of the cards!

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