Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: The Great Cake Mystery

I should do a whole post on the The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series, by Alexander McCall Smith, which is a delightful series about a woman named Precious Ramotswe, in Botswana, Africa, who opens the first (and only) detective agency in her town of Gabarone.   While having no formal detective training, she possesses oodles of common sense combined with excellent observational skills and thus solves all sorts of cases.  It is a fun series currently with 13 titles. 

The book shown above is about Precious as a young schoolgirl, and contains the story of her first case as she solves the mystery of who has been stealing the childrens' snacks.  She does this to help a classmate who has been falsely accused and the way she goes about solving the case is very unique.  While the books in the series mentioned above are written for adults, this book is geared toward young readers.  There are eight short chapters which offer an interesting look at everyday life in Africa.  In the back of the book, there is some information about Botswana, as well as discussion questions and some ideas of ways to incorporate other subjects such as science and geography into the reading of this book.  The last page even has a recipe for Precious's Sponge Cake Worth Stealing.  What a great book!

I received nothing for the review of this book, but if you follow the link to Amazon and purchase anything, I will receive a small commission.

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