Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun With Friends

Last Friday at noon, 3 moms and 13 children met for some feasting and fun.  We met in a town in between the three of us so the kids could use their Pizza Hut Book-It rewards.   It was a pizza feast!  Then we went to a nearby playground.  And oh, did they play!

Fun at the playground.

Dominic, Joseph, and their friend, Rafe, were all smiles.

Kids love to spin around.

This thing spins around fast!  Anthony liked it.

Evelyn went down the big spiral slide all by herself.

Anthony climbed up high and hollered Hi, Mommy! over and over and over again.

Dominic showed Aloysius how to hang from the monkey bars.

A lot of kids can fit on the spider web!

After the kids burned off enough energy, we all went to Braums to use their Braums' Book Buddies coupons.  Read books, get free pizza and ice cream.  Woo-hoo!

Digging into those ice cream cones.

Could not even get all of the kids in one picture.  They sure had fun!

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