Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Day At The Botanica Gardens

Last Thursday the kids and I went to Homeschool Day at the Botanica Gardens.  It was a lovely time.  Everything was green and the flowers were blooming.  No butterflies in the Butterfly House yet, but the new Children's Garden was open.  It was amazing to see how many homeschool families were there.  The parking lot was packed!  I knew a few from our Catholic homeschool group.

Who doesn't like a curvy path through the woods?

Pausing for a short rest.

Heading to the Children's Garden.

We started off following the Rainbow Path.  Even Anthony in the stroller fit through.

The girls on the butterfly seat.

What fun sculptures of a caterpillar and ladybugs. 

Part of the Musical Maze.

The very cool tree house!

Anthony and the ants.

More winding paths, and fun little bridges, too.

Painting the cave with water.

There were some tall seats to spin around in.


Time to fill up some watering cans...

...and water the flowers.

The little cottage had all kinds of fun things to play with.

Joseph goes over a walkway through a pond.

One last stop to smell the roses!


Kansas Mom said...

Oh, fun! I'm too scared to take the kids to the children's garden by myself - it's so easy for little ones to get out of sight there! We went with four kids and four adults and I still worried I kept losing one or two of them.

But it's so lovely there!

House of Brungardt said...

That was our first time seeing the children's garden. What great designing! The kids stuck together pretty well. The spot that seemed tricky to me was the treehouse, because there were several levels.