Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday At The Zoo

Monday of last week was my 40th birthday, so the kids and I took a day off school and went to the zoo!

We finally got to see the baby orangutan.  He sure was cute!

The kids thought it was funny that the baby orangutan has toys similar to ones they have.

If you look close, you can see the baby wallaby's head poking out of the mama's pouch.

We must always have at least one picture of the kids on a zoo sculpture!

Anthony "relaxes" in style!

The kids were pretending they were blasting off to the moon.

Anne, my smiley girl.

For the first time ever, we stopped to feed the giraffes. 

The twins said the giraffes licked their arms!

Joseph gave the little giraffe some leaves.

Anthony and I just watched and took pictures, but it was really neat.

Later, we were planning to go out to eat somewhere, but I was surprised with a date instead!  My lovely sister-in-law volunteered to watch all of the kids.  So the kids got to go play with their cousins, which they loved.  Dan and I went out to eat at Beijing Bistro!  It was great birthday surprise!  Thanks, Al and Brenda! 

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