Wednesday, December 14, 2011

November Catch-Up

The kids and their cousins waiting for their concert to start.

This year the homeschool choir concert was held in mid-November.  The little kids chanted the Our Father, then sang Father, I Adore You and Had a Little Rooster. These were followed by four songs accompanied with either rhythm sticks or egg shakers. The kids loved using the instruments.

The combined little kids' and big kids' choirs.

   Together the choirs sang Oh, Susanna! and How I Love My America.

Close-up of the kids.  Catherine and Dominic are in the second row and Anne is in the front row.  There were 25 kids in the little kids' choir this fall, though not all of them sang in the concert, like our Joseph. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving we were able to visit my parents.  We had a nice visit.

The kids with my mom.

Catherine hugs my dad, thanking him for the birthday present.

Thanksgiving was spent here at our house.

The kids watch Daddy prepare the turkey for the oven.

What fun to rip up lots of bread for the dressing! 

Our Thanksgiving feast!

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