Sunday, December 11, 2011

All Those Girls!

On Friday, one of my friends came over with her five girls to play.  So the boys were seriously outnumbered, 7 to 3.  The fun started out with a tea party, as you might expect.  However, my friend and I were surprised to later discover the kids playing a rousing game of what they called "War."  They divided into 2 teams and doled out all of the nerf guns, cap guns, pretend laser guns, bows and arrows, swords, shields, etc. that belong to the boys.  I don't think my friend has too many of those kinds of things at her house!  They all sure had fun, though. 

After they left, I asked Dominic if he had a good time.  He said yes, then thought about it some more and commented, "I just couldn't keep track of all those girls!" 

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Dawn said...

:-) I have trouble keeping track of all those girls, too! LOL