Monday, December 19, 2011

Anthony At 21 Months Old

You wouldn't think this cute little guy would ever cause any trouble, right?

One day, I was just getting started with making dinner, and the kids were playing a loud, rowdy game in the living room.  I thought Anthony was in there with them, and then all of a sudden it got very quiet, as the kids finished their game.  I said, "Where's Anthony?!"  No answer.  So I went looking for him. 

I went in my bedroom to see this:

Then I looked into the bathroom:

And around the corner of the bed:

A few days later he got hold of some toothpaste and squirted it all over the bathroom floor.  It smelled very minty in there for a while. 

He climbs, oh does he climb!  He climbed onto a kitchen chair, got on top of the desk in the kitchen, and proceeded to somehow open the very top cabinet and get out a bottle of vitamins, which he then opened and dumped out onto the floor.  All that while I was changing a load of laundry. 

He easily climbs up to the top bunk and throws things at the kids on the floor below.

Oh, and he can climb from a regular chair into his highchair, onto the table, back into the highchair, etc.  Sometimes he sits like this:

He is so cute and funny and loving, though, it is hard to stay mad for long!  He currently likes to play with blocks and build tall towers, he loves to jump off things like the coffee table, he likes the train track and trains, he likes to pretend with the little kitchen, he likes Hot Wheels, he likes to dump things out, draw on things with markers, take things apart, break things, destroy things, and of course, go outside!
Our sweet little Anthony


Kansas Mom said...

He's an amazing little guy! Here's hoping he keeps napping for a long long time!

House of Brungardt said...

No kidding!