Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catherine Is Eight!

Catherine turned 8 on Sunday and started off her day with a breakfast of Pop Tarts, per her request.  We all went to Mass, followed by donuts afterward.  Then she got to choose her lunch.  Leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce!  That was easy.  :)

For dessert we had cupcakes made from extra cake batter.

Then Catherine got to open a few presents.  New books to read!

Roller skates!  I think those have been on somebody's feet ever since Sunday.  They are adjustable from size 1-4, so they should last a few years.  Notice the blurry toddler in the back!

Catherine got Little House on the Prairie paper dolls, which she just loved, and she spent the next couple of hours playing with them.  We've been listening to the series in the car when we go places and we are almost all the way through it.

Even the boys were interested in checking it out.

Later in the afternoon, cousins came over to play!  Here is the dinner party, with a meal of fried chicken and kenebel soup.

Catherine with her birthday cake.

A close-up of the cake.  

And one last gift to open, a potholder loom.  Catherine finished her first potholder today!

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