Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold, Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold Again

February has been a month of extremes, with record low temperatures and record high temperatures.

These pictures were from Saturday before last, after we had our 10 inches of snow. Some of it had already melted, but there was still plenty to play in. 

Daddy and the kids made a snowman, went sledding, had snowball fights.

Here are the snow forts, behind which they launched their snowballs.

This was from the very next day.  As you can see the grand warm-up had begun (it got all the way up to 76 degrees one day this past week!).  The kids were "shaving" the snowman.  Sledding one day, bike riding the next.  Now, it is cold again.  Too bad.  I was enjoying the no-winter-coats thing. 

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