Friday, February 18, 2011

Anthony is 11 Months Old!

Anthony and Joseph in the trusty green wagon.

Big sister Anne carries Anthony.  I don't think he quite likes it.

Anthony would much rather be playing with trucks!

He walks very well now, moving freely about the house.  While carrying swords.

This busy little guy gets into anything and everything.  The package of buns was not salvageable.

Anthony loves to be outside.  We took advantage of nicer temperatures this week.

Anthony, the boss, ready to dish out some orders.

He likes to swing, but only for a few minutes.

The following short video was from the other morning at breakfast.  Anthony started doing this all on his own and the kids thought it was hilarious.  I did too!  I'll often give him a little container while eating because he loves to put stuff inside of things and it buys me a little time. :)

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