Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baking On A Rainy Day

Last Friday was a day much like this one, cold and rainy.  Since the twins had just finished going through all of the letters of the alphabet, we celebrated by making alphabet bread!  Here they are, hard on work, and loving every minute of it.

Here are the letters, some of them a little hard to distinguish.  The top ones have poppy seeds on them, the bottom ones kosher salt.  We liked the salty ones better, they were like pretzels. 

Then I helped the kids make sugar cookies, you know, the cut-out kind.  Catherine has a little baking set and last week, after a big basement clean-up, we had found all of the pieces to it, so she had been begging to make cookies.

So we mixed up some dough and I let her get to work.  She rolled out all of the dough herself and she even helped each of the others take a turn cutting out cookies.  All I did was run them through the oven and help with clean-up.  Oh, did the house smell good that day!