Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anthony Is Eight Months Old!

He has been learning how to eat.  He loves it when he gets to eat some real food and in this picture, he was excited to eat some rice.  It is amazing how such a small quantity of food can make such a mess!

He has six teeth now, as you can see!

This picture was from a few weeks ago, when we still had buckets of tomatoes sitting around. He thought they were better than toys.  He gets into anything and everything these days.  He can turn the water on in the master bathtub, he rips up any paper he finds, he can open my dresser drawers and pull all the clothes out, and he can mess up the boys' room faster than they can pick it up.   

Anthony loves to go outside, especially if he gets to crawl around in the grass.

He weighs about 21 pounds.  I took this picture and the next one today.

He pulls himself up on all kinds of things and he is definitely cruising along the furniture.  His favorite thing to do when I am trying to make dinner is to pull up on my legs and stand there hanging on to me, not allowing me to take a step.  

 So, to recap.  In the last two months he has gotten 6 teeth, started eating food, learned how to sit up by himself, how to crawl, how to pull himself up, and how to cruise, along with many other things.  No wonder he doesn't sleep very well!