Friday, March 27, 2009

It's A Crazy, Mixed-Up Day!

Well, I was all set to change the picture up there in the header because it was spring, getting warm around here, grass was growing, flowers were blooming, and the snowy picture just didn't seem to fit anymore. It has been exciting to watch everything come up and out this year, as it is our first spring here in this house.

But hold your horses because Winter has come back with a vengeance. As I sit here typing I can hear the little ice pellets hitting the windows. We are currently getting what you could call a "wintry mix." Some of the windows are completely iced over and what looks like snow outside is just a covering of these little ice balls. The kids are going crazy and jumping up and down at the windows. Well, they were earlier, right now they are napping. It is bizarre to look out and see all the green grass and green plants covered with this icy mess. The poor little flowers are all bent to the ground and dying, if not dead aready.

Later on today, this stuff is supposed to change into snow. Oodles and oodles of snow. The forecast is calling for an inch or more of actual snow today, 6-10 inches tonight, and another 4-6 inches tomorrow. Now, if you live up north, you are laughing and saying, is that all? But here, that amount will be more snow than we've had all winter. And to top it off, 3 apple trees that we ordered over the internet showed up today. The poor mail carrier was honking the horn as she pulled in the driveway so I could meet her at the door (oh yeah, I didn't have to get out to the mailbox today!). So tomorrow morning, as planned, Dan will be out planting those trees in the holes that he has painstakingly prepared for them. Not!!

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